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When Abby was 11 months old, she was playing in the back yard and ate a Sago Palm seed. We had no idea they were poisonous! She came in a few minutes later, throwing up over and over and over. I called a garden nursery to see if Sagos were poisonous and they said, get her to a vet!

I rushed her to my vet and they treated her and sent her home, telling me that she would get better or not, they weren’t sure, but there was nothing else to do.

I held that little thing all night long and all day the next day as she threw up and kept going downhill. Finally, I told my husband we had to get her to the emergency hospital to see if they could do ANYTHING. We went to VERGI and they checked her over and said, yes, there were things they could do and they got to work on her! It was very rough on all of us for the next couple of weeks, but the vets all worked so hard to save Abby and Abby did her part by fighting with all her heart.

This was when VERGI was closed during the day, so Abby would go to the vet during the day and to VERGI in the evening. That went on for a while. We sought help from a number of vets and eventually, Abby started getting better. She came home and was still closely monitored for a relapse as the poison affects the liver and kidneys. While she does have some permanent liver dysfunction and on medicine for the rest of her life, she did get better.

Now, Abby is 5 1/2 years old and, as you can see in the picture, she is very hearty and healthy. She is completely normal in every way, although we do still have some extra testings from time to time, she is in excellent health. We have a lot to thank the vets at VERGI for! We do appreciate each and every one of them so much. Every Christmas season, we go to their Christmas Open House and meet other pets that get to celebrate another year with their families all because of the caring vets at VERGI

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!

Sherra and Gordon Miller
and, most of all, ABBY!