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I found Trixi on a country road on Saturday of Thanksgiving week-end 1998. She came right up to me and stood next to me. I loved her right away! She was the stinkiest dog I’ve ever smelled, though! I had to endure the smell driving several hours to get back to Houston. I took her straight to the vet to have her cleaned up and to get all of her shots. The vet estimated that she was 5 months old. She weighed 22 lbs.

It took a little time for her to adjust in my household with my other dog, Monti, but I could tell right away she liked the food! She began as a very loving pup and followed my every step and still does and, I’m sure, will continue until she just can’t manage it anymore. She is very much “a momma’s baby”.

Her long red hair began to grow in and she grew, too. The girl loves to eat! I call her “Grocery Girl” or “Big Red Snapper” because she snaps her teeth when she’s given something she really likes! I used to call us “the 2 chubby redheads”.

Back then, in late 1998 and most of 1999, one of the treats I kept on hand for both Monti and Trixi was pigs’ ears. They might have been the reason for our coming to know and love all of you at VERGI

One Sunday afternoon in late August 1999, after Trixi had eaten at least 3 or 4 pigs’ ears, she started to vomit and was very quiet. Although I had not given her 3 or 4 pigs’ ears, she picked up the ones I had given to Monti, too! I began to watch her closely and she vomited again. Then, with seemingly no strength left in her body, she collapsed in front of me and her eyes rolled back in her head. I knew we were in trouble.

I quickly phoned my neighbor who came right over and helped me get her into the car. I sped away heading for your much-needed help. When I arrived, in tears, the lobby was crowded. I yelled out, crying, for someone to please help me get my dog out of the car. A young man, a client, came out and carried her through the lobby straight into one of your exam rooms. I don’t know who that young man was but his help was the first in the whirlwind of life-saving events that had just begun.

As Trixi laid on your table, her breathing became labored and she began to ooze blood from her rectum. We called for help. Some techs and nurses quickly came in with a stretcher and took Trixi away.

A few minutes later, I peeked around the door and saw that Trixi had on an oxygen mask! I was really frightened. After a while, a young woman entered and introduced herself as Dr. Plumber. She was very calm and professional and began to ask questions that led to the possibility that Trixi may have been poisoned. The pigs’ ears became a possible target. She had eaten more than usual. (One was usually the day’s limit.) And, I had purchased a different brand from a different store.

The night wore on and the medical blur, for me, was inevitable.

At that time in 1999, your office closed at 7 AM. After having spoken to VERGI personnel throughout the night, I returned to pick Trixi up. She was very weak and still a very sick girl. She had made it through the night! Dr. Plumber and the others on duty that night saved my baby’s life! But she was not out of the woods.

Trixi went from your loving and life-saving care to my family vet who nursed her through the rest of our ordeal. She remained at the vet clinic for several days. I took off from my job when Trixi came home. I wanted to be with her and watch her every move. Knowing that she still wanted to take every step with me, I knew that for the next few days, I would lie by her side and not move unless I absolutely had to. She was too sick to be up and down, up and down with my every move.

After a few days, I sort of forgot about Dr. Plumber and VERGI because I didn’t want to relive the nightmare. Then one afternoon when Trixi and I were lying in bed, Dr. Plumber phoned. She called to check on Trixi. (I could tell she wasn’t sure Trixi was still alive!) That was the best phone call ever! I had no idea that anyone would have given us a second thought once we were gone and other pets were coming and going through VERGI’s doors.

Having saved Trixi’s life was quite enough but to CARE, too! I was astounded! Thus began an almost 10-year association with the caring doctors and staff of VERGI August of 2009 will be our “anniversary”.

That very year, the “I Survived” Christmas parties began. I believe Trixi’s remarkable survival story was the nexus for the yearly celebrations! Trixi loves to go especially for, you guessed it, the food!

In the years that have passed, we’ve continued the wonderful relationship with Dr. Noaker and the VERGI staff. Trixi has “visited” again for other issues and several other dogs of mine have received the phenomenal care of the compassionate doctors and staff.

Trixi is in good health. She’ll be 10 on July 4th. Thank you, VERGI for the 10, and I hope many more, wonderful years with Trixi.