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Support Services

We utilize the safest anesthesia plan tailored to each patient. Also, using the most modern equipment during anesthesia, we are able to monitor your pet closely. We use pulse oximetry, EKG, blood pressure monitoring, and end tidal CO2 to ensure your pet is well monitored while under anesthesia. We also employ heat support (circulating warm water pad, and Bair hugger) to minimize loss of body heat during and after procedures.
Our on-site, state-of-the-art Eklin digital X-ray equipment provides high quality radiographs to aid in the diagnosis of many disorders. This digital system allows for near immediate display resulting in rapid viewing of high-resolution images. To ensure correct diagnosis, radiographs are evaluated by board-certified radiologists, 24 hours a day.
VERGI doctors have the capability to perform quick preliminary ultrasound imaging. During an emergency, this can be helpful in diagnosing fluid around the heart or in the abdomen, assist in safely obtaining urine samples or locating some tumors. Full abdominal and thoracic ultrasound is also available if needed.
VERGI has a flexible video endoscope that can be used to retrieve foreign objects from the stomach or esophagus. In some instances, endoscopy can be used in lieu of surgery. This equipment allows us to view the internal esophagus, stomach and beginning of small intestine. We can locate ulcers, foreign objects, or take biopsies if needed.
Our in-house laboratory facilities allow us to get vital information quickly. We are able to perform blood work (CBC, chemistry panel and electrolytes), clotting profiles, blood gas analysis, urinalysis, fecal analysis, Parvo testing, FeLV/FIV testing and ethylene glycol (antifreeze) testing. In addition, we use commercial veterinary laboratories for more specialized diagnostics and consultations.
Our In-house Pharmacy maintains a large inventory of medications that may be needed for your pet during and after their stay.
Proper nutrition plays a vital role in critical and traumatic cases. We strive to provide the best nutrition possible for each patient based on its current medical conditions. Placement of feeding tubes (G-tube, E-tube, NG/NE tube) is available in order for your pet to receive nutrition during its stay. We also have a large variety of foods to offer your pet depending on nutritional needs.
Pain Control
We strongly believe controlling pain is an important component in helping patients recover from an illness or injury. We tailor pain management and use multiple modalities to control each patient’s discomfort.