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Call 713.932.9589 for immediate emergency care

What to do in case of an emergency…

First, phone your primary care veterinarian. If they are not available, proceed straight to VERGI

In a pet care emergency, time counts. Once you have determined that your pet requires emergency care,
call us at 713-932-9589 and take the following steps:

1. Remain Calm
Protect yourself, animals in pain often bite. Your pet is scared, in pain, and just trying to protect themselves from further injury. Approach them calmly, slowly, and gently. Secure your pet (a kennel or towel works well) and gently get them into the car to come for treatment.

2. Do Not Attempt Home Remedies
Don’t endanger your pet’s life with some Internet-discovered home remedy! Most of those remedies are wrong! There’s a lot of good and bad information out there but, the safest plan is to allow a trained professional to help

3. Call and let us know you’re coming.
This is not a requirement, but rather an opportunity for our staff to be ready and waiting to help your pet when you arrive. The more information you can provide about your pet’s emergency, the better prepared we can be to help your pet recover.

4. Driving with an injured  pet can be difficult.
Please, drive safely. If possible, get a partner, neighbor, or friend to drive you to our hospital so you can attend to your pet along the way.

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