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Tucker came to us with his sister, Hannah from a backyard breeder. The pups were dirty and flea infested, and they were lethargic, not like typical 12 week old Golden puppies.  They were diagnosed as having intestinal parasites.  After de-worming, Hannah perked up and began to feel and act like a normal puppy.

Tucker, however, became more and more lethargic.  Another trip to the vet for blood work and an ultrasound showed Tucker had some serious problems.  An ultrasound showed his lungs and chest cavity were full of blood and fluid and the poor little guy was struggling to breathe.  In addition, Tucker’s blood was not clotting properly and he was bleeding into his internal body cavities.  Further diagnostic testing revealed Tucker had probably gotten into rat poison.  He was immediately started on the antidote and started receiving plasma infusions.  The first 3 days were really tough and we were not sure if he was going to make it.  Tucker was in an incubator receiving oxygen and intravenous fluids and meds.  It was an effort for him to wag his little tail for us.  But on Day 4, he showed a small improvement and the next day brought even further improvements. His little body was doing its best, along with the antidote and plasma, to recover from the effects of the rat bait. His blood was now coagulating properly and his body was re-absorbing and dissipating the blood and fluids in his chest cavity and lungs.

Tucker continued to improve and get a little stronger everyday. He was soon able to go to home. He continues to thrive in his forever home.

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